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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at The Ryman

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds put on quite the show at The Ryman auditorium last night. Nashville warmly opened it's arms with an electric atmosphere at it's oldest venue to the British rock star, formerly of Oasis. As a teenager in the 90's, the British band, Oasis became one of my favorite bands with songs that have come to define the era such as Champagne Supernova and Wonderwall, with brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher.

Since the demise of the band, brother Noel has continued him musical journey and delivered the goods to Nashville fans. Hearing the chatter of surrounding fans, you could render that this was for serious music lovers. I felt right at home noticing the crowd was very specifically 30-40's GenXers like myself. As the time approached for the performance the volume of the crowd grew loud and began to chant "Noel" and "Chief". No opening band was needed...Noel and his High Flying Birds stormed the stage with "Everybody's On The Run".

Before the show, taking a moment to appreciate The Ryman

The Chief greeted the crowd after the 3rd song with wit and playful digs on various subjects, overall with gratitude for the American fans and appreciation for the venue. The songs kept coming with 20 of them overall. The crowd chanted the lyrics and sang loudly, especially when he asked if there was any any Oasis fan's in the house, and went into a more laid back version of "Champagne Supernova". The rock sound was accented with a horn section, particularly the saxophone bringing his unique sound to the forefront. Noel's vocals were clear and soaring in parts as he effortlessly played rhythm guitar, a few solos here and there.

Catching these shots of him in at his best was such a thrill. After posting some on my Instagram page, it was fun to see many of the Noel/Oasis fan pages repost them. Getting up close with an international rock star and capturing a few shots was pure fun and nostalgic for me. I enjoyed my new iPhone as well and took plenty of video just so I could relive the great moments at home. Thanks for coming out across the pond Noel!

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