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*South Beach* new shade for summer

No question about it, I am a lover of all things summer. This warmer weather makes me come alive and I couldn't be more excited about upcoming summer.

Colors I am loving are reds that leans a little more toward coral. Tropical looks are really refreshing to me so I like my look to reflect that. Dresses are a really big part of my wardrobe, I love taking a simple dress and changing the look with accessories. I tend to go for hoop earrings to elongate my face, and cuff bracelets are usually on my wrist. This red dress with 3/4 sleeves, wrap neckline, and knee length can be dramatically changed with shoes and jewelry. I am loving the ease of it, but it still looks pulled together and the color pops with my skin tone.

My summer makeup tends to be a little more translucent and light. I am working on getting the contour just right, so a warmer pink tends to work for my blush, setting powder from Honeybee Gardens, and eyeshadow and lipstick from them as well.

Lip color is a big deal for just sets the whole tone of the look. I am really excited about a new shade from Honeybee Gardens called South's seriously my new go to every day. It's got just the right amount of coral without being too much. I've been wearing lipsticks for about a year now and they keep getting better with their shades. Other ones I love are Heirloom, Seduction, and Dream. Sometimes I mix a little of Dream on top, if I want little shimmer.

Click on the pic take you to the website-

What I'm really loving about Honeybee Gardens is knowing I'm using totally natural and organic products. The prices are fantastic, the products are top notch, and I know I'm not putting toxins on my face. The company was created by an herbalist and they put a lot of pride and care into the production.

Feeling tropical in TN with South Beach.

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