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Dreamy Beach Weekend at Indigo Orange Beach

I love how life can take you to unexpected places.... My Airbnb Experience Tour, Instagram Photowalk Tour of The Gulch has led me to meeting some amazing folks. Last fall I was able to meet the sweetest gal named Katie and we hit it off so well, she asked me to be her wedding photographer in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The wedding was on a sailboat and it was perfectly beautiful.

I wanted to stay in a relaxing space and have some down time as well before and after I worked the wedding, so I chose Hotel Indigo, Orange Beach. I've done a wedding at the Hotel Indigo, Nashville, so I knew they were an interesting line of boutique hotels.

I was overwhelmed with the beauty and casual luxury of this space. the coastal colors and soothing tones put me at ease immediately. The friendly staff was so helpful and kind and I was honored to have a gift basket brought to my room by their Guest Services Manager.

The hotel is directly across the street from the beach, and also has a large indoor and outdoor pool, jacuzzi tub, complete with a full outdoor bar.

I enjoyed time at the spacious gym and lounged by the pool. The hotel has it's own restaurant, and adjoining coffee shop as well, so there's no need to even leave to eat or grab a latte.

The guest room was spacious, complete with a huge desk where I was able to get my editing done and has a large couch as well. The bathroom had a huge shower and long counter.

Honestly, it was so perfect I didn't want to leave. Will definitely return and can't say enough good things about Hotel Indigo, Orange Beach!

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