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Caviar and Bananas Opening

photo courtesy of Authentic Photos /taken by Natalyn McCants

Nashville's restaurant scene has always been a growing interest of mine. Over the last 10 years, I've compiled a list of locally owned eateries that are specific to the area that I recommend. I also have a wish list with the ones I've yet to try and anxiously await the visit.

Its not secret Nashville boast a diverse food culture, and continues to develop its flavors.

When I heard the news of a new spot in Midtown I was intrigued and then excited to be invited to a special event before its opening to preview the interior and food, I was in. The Charleston based restaurant has planted its second location in the heart of Midtown, near Vandy.

The decor and vibe was just enough glitz without being too fussy or presumptuous. Large windows make way for natural light to fill the space that is part bar/cafeteria styled ordering/golden chaired table/store/ and outdoor patio. Cute succulents line the half walls and original local art adds the perfect modern touch.

The menu boasted a wide variety of fresh green salad bar, where you get to choose your colorful and nutritious toppings. Then there was a small plate area where you pick a meat and sides. I chose the asian tofu, salmon and kale salad, everything tasted amazing and was seasoned well. The chefs were very accommodation and excited to share information about the dishes. The staff was very attentive and friendly as well, which is a very important component for me.

No doubt I was won over. Will definitely return for a nutritious and well priced lunch that tastes amazing and enjoy a fresh, modern atmosphere without pretentiousness. It's the perfect spot for a business lunch or a casual brunch hang. Dinner on the patio on a summer evening also sounds perfect.

Thanks so much to Caviar and Bananas for having us out!

Christy Hunter at Caviar and Bananas

photos courtesy of Authentic Photos and Designs//Shots of Christy Hunter taken by Natalyn McCants (@Nattylinn)

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