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TYM Youth Convention at The Opryland Hotel

As a teenager, my Thanksgiving mean eating the big meal with my family, and rushing off to meet my youth group to hop on a bus to stay at the Opryland Hotel for our annual Youth Convention. The tradition was a whirllwind couple of days at the hotel meeting friends that we had connected with at camp that summer, as well as walking around meeting new people. The atmosphere was electric and I made memories I'll never forget.

Although the date has changed to the Tuesday and Wednesday leading up to Thanksgiving, and the atmosphere is quite a bit different, the convention continues.

Coming full circle, this year my own teenage daughter attended the event and I had to honor of once again capturing the photos. Authentic Photos and Designs covered all the services in the Tennessee Ballroom with around 1700 attending, as well as a photo booth free to all of TYM.

My crew included my husband-Joe, my daughter-Cora, brother-Zach Lerman, and cousin from San Diego-Andrew. We picked up the extra gear we needed from East Nashville and headed to the hotel to get set up on Tuesday. Zach assembled a custom built projection monitor that displayed camp photos in a really unique way. So as students assembled in the lobby while they were waiting for the service to start, they could enjoy the slideshow from camp, as well as come by our custom made photo booth for a free picture to capture the moment with their friends.

We had a great time behind the scenes, joking around with the teens and encouraging them to have fun with their time in front of the camera. With this group, it's always a fun, energetic time so it made my job easy!

The musicians did an incredible job, with intense worship sets. The band included Heather Wallace, Steven Morgan, David Morgan, Cedric Wallace, Dathon Connor, Christopher Powers, Delilah Curtis, Cedric Hollis.

Jeremy Austill, the District Youth Director led the event with passion and purpose. Jeremy and his wife Michelle are long time friends and incredible people. They're doing an amazing job, to check out more go to

We had a fantastic time and love seeing the shots reposted by so many who were there!

Christy Hunter for Authentic Photos and Designs specializes in events and concerts and is available worldwide.

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